Red Bull Sounds Space at KROQ

It was a normal Tuesday afternoon. I was driving to the gym listening to KROQ. A clip from the song Renegade by X-Ambassadors came on, with a DJ telling us that they were giving away tickets to see the band play at the Red Bull Sound Space. Plus you could win a new Jeep Renegade. I’ve always wanted to visit the Red Bull Sound Space. I heard it’s a great intimate little venue. I know a couple of X-Ambassadors songs and enjoy them. Plus, who doesn’t want the opportunity to win a car!

I have KROQ’s phone number saved to my favorites in my contact list. I can’t count how many times I’ve called to try to win tickets to one event or another. But I usually get a busy signal. Once or twice I’ve reached the radio station only to be told I’m not the right numbered caller. So I dial and await the dreaded slow beep of the busy signal. Instead the phone starts to ring. It rings a few times before someone picks up:

“Hello this is KROQ.”
“Hi, am I caller 20?” I stammer
“Have you won anything from KROQ in the last 30 days?”
“I’ve never won anything from KROQ.”
“Okay what’s your name and date of birth.”

They put me on hold and run my info through the computer to check and make sure I’m telling the truth about my non-winning past. When they get back on the line they inform me that yes. I’ve won tickets to see X-Ambassadors. I’m shocked and really excited.

The concert took place on Thursday October 10th at the KROQ Red Bull Sound Space. After checking in, I received a business card sized ticket with a Jeep logo, and the image of a car key printed with the number 0020. After the concert they will draw one number out of the jar and that number wins the Jeep. We waited outside in the blazing hot sun (stupid weird LA heat wave in October!) for about 30-45 minutes. I checked out my possible new ride, which was a black compact SUV with all sorts of cool gadgets. I love my FIAT 500 Sport, but this car would definitely hold more gear. The Red Bull girls were there handing out frosty cold energy drinks, which were much needed.

Finally we were allowed to enter the space. It was even smaller than I anticipated. I quickly made my way to the far right hand side of the stage which was less crowded then the center. I scored a spot in the second row of the standing room only space. My favorite part of the Red Bull Sound Space is the backdrop to the actual stage. It’s made of old stereos and speakers. I swear I even saw my old dual tape deck with CD changer on display.

The band took the stage and played a great set. The singer is even better live. Even though I think of this band in the pop-rock genre, his voice’s easily lends itself to R&B. I was really taken with their song, Naked. Complete with sexy saxophone solo. The keyboardist (brother of the lead singer) played beautifully. With both classical and jazz influences. The brothers were easily my favorite part of the show.

After their set was over. Nicole Alvarez invited them back on stage for a quick Q&A. They answered questions about their band’s formation, their album VHS and about their upcoming tour. It was their drummer’s birthday and his mom surprised him on stage with a cake while the crowd sang him Happy Birthday.

The lights came up and we all slowly filed out back into the parking lot to find out if we were the lucky winners of the Jeep Renegade. There were maybe 50 people in the drawing, so my odds were good. But sadly I did not win the car.

I definitely will continue to try my luck with the KROQ contests and in another 30 days I’ll call again, in hopes of  returning to the Red Bull Sound Space.
Check out past performances here!

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