Drinking with the Devil at the Sinner’s Soiree

For my next Halloween adventure I was craving something classic. Most haunted attractions these days rely heavily on demonic animatronics and pyrotechnics to spook you out of your shoes. I miss the old school haunted houses. These bygone beauties only needed some clever misdirection, a fog machine or two and great actors. Thankfully I found Drunken Devil Productions, The Sinner’s Soiree.

Setting up shop at the Think Tank Gallery in downtown LA. This haunted house maze winds it way through a Southern Gothic underworld and ends at the Devil’s Bar & Lounge where the entertainment continues. In the maze I saw Voodoo priests, sexy-scary burlesque dancers, and a variety of menacing monsters. Upon arrival you are escorted upstairs. I noticed our usher send a text, presumably to the talent to let them know we were ready. As we reached the final landing the fog machine kicked on and we ventured in to the maze. I went on a Thursday evening which was fairly quiet. This meant we had the maze to ourselves. I legitimately jumped and screamed a few times during the maze. The actors that scramble out of nowhere on all fours, always get me. It’s so creepy! As I made my way through the dark hallways with my heart pounding in my chest I came upon a bar. I thought, oh thank heavens. This is the end. We made it to the Devil’s Lounge. The bartender was sinister and the bottles looked dusty. I began to second guess myself. I should have known this was just another scene (albeit a convincing one) in the maze and we were shooed away after not offering to pay for drinks with our souls. The maze continued. A few more turns and scares, then finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. We made it to the real bar. Whew…

It was a short maze but definitely worth the $20 ticket price. After catching our breathe and ordering some drinks, we were greeted by the Devil himself. A rather jovial fellow who was up for drinks and selfies. Who knew? Here’s our pic:
Sinner's Soiree Sinner's Soiree

While enjoying drinks in the Devil’s lounge we were treated to a burlesque performance by a sultry succubus. She was a terrific dancer and performer. This was such a unique place. I’ve never experienced a haunted house that also offered a bar, lounge and entertainment. All of which went along with the Southern Gothic theme without feeling forced or cheesy. I highly recommend checking out this attraction. Tickets on sale now through November 1st.

It was still fairly early to turn in for the night so I headed to another Halloween themed event at The Phantom Carriage in Carson. Just about ten minutes (or so) south of downtown. This place is a craft brewery that features a horror film screening room. As you enter the bar through a weird alleyway in an industrial part of town you see a very lively brew room. Large casks of beer line the walls. On the right hand side of the bar is a the Phantom Theater which screens old horror films. I ordered up an Oud Muis (Old Mouse) an aged wild blonde and headed to a table in the main section of the bar. “Seed of Chucky” was playing on the TVs over head. There was another room toward the front filled with patrons engrossed in a craft project. Turns out they were attending a painting class and beer tasting. Throughout the month of October the Phantom Carriage offers many pairing classes along with trivia nights, double features complete with popcorn and live bands.

I really enjoyed both the delicious beer and unique atmosphere. I’m glad this place is open all year round! Before heading out I had to check out the Phantom Theater. Filled with cocktail tables and chairs you can order up a meal and a brew while watching the film. Tonight’s screening was, “Daughter of Dracula.” Not my favorite classic but it was a terrific backdrop to meeting new people and conversing about all things Halloween. If you still need plans for Halloween weekend, Phantom Carriage is hosting a Samhain Ball on Halloween night and a Dia de los Muertos Brunch the morning after.

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