Rock n Roll Sundays

I love a good flea market. Scouring through racks of vintage and oddball pieces. The rush you feel when you score a hidden gem you didn’t know you need, but now can’t live without. The first Sunday of every month, the Regent Theater is host to The Great Rock and Roll Flea Market.

If you love vinyl. You have to visit RNRFlea. Directly upon entering I was greeted by long tables stacked with boxes of great vinyl. I love records. It’s not just the sound quality, but the memories they evoke with the paled cover images. My family always played records growing up, so they hold a strong sense of nostalgia for me. My only collector quirk is that I will not purchase records that were released after records became obsolete. I have no problem paying good money for vinyl pre mid 1990s, after that it just feels false. It would be like buying James Cameron’s Avatar on Laser Disc.

The first seller I greeted has been collecting records since the early 1980s. He had some amazing promos and imports. All the records were in great condition. I only went through the first 6 columns and I already had a large maybe pile. There was punk and hardcore. Hip-hop and dance tracks. My brain was spinning. (No pun intended.) In the end I chose an extended dance version of Weird Science for the bargain price of $10. So worth it for that Oingo Boingo masterpiece. On the next table my husband found James Brown, Get on the Good Foot complete with fold out, full length image of the Godfather himself. I was going to blow my whole wallet and I was only in the first room.

Continuing on into the Regent Theater I was greeted by a variety of artisans. Rustic leather cuffs, vintage patches, vintage Hollywood postcards, and delicate chain woven jewelry.

I stopped to peruse a table by Ny Laurent filled with custom sunglasses and vintage inspired fashion. I was really close to purchasing these metallic gold knit shorts. They were brilliant.

A rock n roll flea market would not be complete with out band tees. I saw Metallica, Social D, Ramones, Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and so many others. They even had a few in my size. I hate when the smallest size offered is an XL. Not everyone wants to wear their tees like a dress. Heading towards the stage, I found more vinyl! The stacks in the very back were on special for $3 – $5. I worry the quality won’t be as good but I can’t help myself to take a peek. I found a super old Halloween record with spooky sounds on one side and ghost stories on the other. Lots of Frank Sinatra, Kiss, Bob Dylan and the Beatles. As expected the prices were jacked up on the Prince and David Bowie records.

The Regent Theater has an upstairs as well, although it is a much smaller space. There were a few shops worth visiting. Working Class Punx had an awesome collection of messenger bags and purses. I really regret not purchasing on of their Halloween inspired oven mitt sets. They were so creepy and cute.

There was another vintage clothing seller upstairs who had some very unique pieces. All the sellers were super nice about allowing you to touch and even try on their delicate items. I feel terrible about wanting it, because I don’t wear fur. But the real rabbit vest trimmed with white leather was gorgeous!


There was more to do at the RNRFlea then just shop. They had live artists creating on stage alongside a DJ spinning loud music. I was very impressed by Mindfunk.

There was something animated about his art that was perfect for a live painting session. He also had a booth of completed pieces for purchase. There was also a bar in one corner, should you work up a thirst while shopping. Across from the bar, I found an oddity table filled with old strange items. Some were recognizable, others were just weird. But the seller did have an adorable puppy in his lap to draw you into the table.


The Great Rock n Roll Flea market takes place on the first Sunday of every month. I highly recommend checking it out.  Admission is free and there is a large parking lot across the street. It fills up quick, so get there early. 20160904_111934
You can’t miss it, due to the large black and white mural. It’s an $8 flat fee for the day so you have time to wander a bit afterwards. There is Sunday Farmers Market nearby. Along with plenty of tasty restaurants.


My friends and I went to Spread Mediterranean Kitchen. We sat outside on their patio and dined on delicious hummus bowls, and delicate flavorful falafel. Their distinctive cocktail menu had many enticing options. Pictured below is the refreshing Cucumber Sour, The Harissa Margarita which is spicy perfection and The Fig Fashioned, which is an old fashion garnished with a playful fig newton. We capped off our lunch with some indulgent frozen greek yogurt topped with beet salt and citrus dust. The sweet/salty combo was a terrific ending to a wonderful Sunday afternoon. 20160904_141703

Now it was time to walk back to my car and head home to listen to my new found gems. I’ll definitely plan another visit to the Rock n Roll Flea Market. Keep up with them on Instagram to check out their latest vendors. Have rockin goodies of your own to sell? Visit their website and sign up to be a vendor. 20160906_130910

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