Bloody Gras

Mardi Gras + The Drunken Devil = sexy, sultry, Bloody Gras!

The Drunken Devil puts on various events throughout the year. Each with its own unique theme but a few details remain the same. There is always burlesque, music, drinks, and a boisterous host dressed as the devil himself.

I was craving a good Mardi Gras party this year. It’s a great excuse to dress up, drink some Sazerac and enjoy a bit of naughty fun. When I received the email for Bloody Gras it fit the bill. Tickets were $75 and included an open bar, live music and some super sexy burlesque acts all performing at a secret location. Plus tickets were limited. The event promised to be an intimate affair. No tickets would be available for purchase at the door.

The Friday before the event I received an email with the party’s address at an art gallery in downtown. Parking is limited but luckily my friends were down to carpool. Even luckier, my friend Allegra and I went vintage shopping the previous weekend to find our costumes.

Dressed and ready to go!

Although not required, outfits inspired by the hedonistic feel of Mardi Gras were highly encouraged. We were after all, attending a party in a brothel circa 1915 New Orleans.

We arrived on Saturday just after 9pm. Parked in a nearby lot and walked a few blocks down Main street into an adjoining alley. Two security guards stood in front of blacked out windows. A woman dressed in a corset and pantaloons checked our tickets and told us to have fun and get weird. Yes Ma’am!

We entered the first floor of the gallery and headed to the bar. Tall cocktail tables were scattered around with small groups of people chatting and a few couples dancing. Everyone was in costume. I saw lots of feathers, fringe, beads and sequins. Some wore masks, others wore a simple strip of lace across their eyes. I have a lovely purple and gold mask, but I left it at home. Wearing something on my face all night would eventually annoy me just as much as carrying it around after I tired of wearing it over my eyes.

With drinks in hand we headed down the stairs, following the sound of live music. The Dave Cavalier Trio provided the perfect swampy blues to accompany the sultry burlesque dancing trio, Alligator Wine.

The space in the downstairs gallery was small. Which for a shortie like me, made it difficult to see the band on stage. But the dancers interacted with the entire crowd. Working their way from the main stage, to an elevated side stage that just happened to be directly in front of where I stood. These ladies are so talented. I’ve seen a lot of good burlesque in LA. These performers were excellent. I captured a few stellar moments. None of which truly do them justice. And a few are blurry as I caught them mid-strip. But, you do get a sense of the intimacy of space along with the gorgeous movements of their figures.

All this voyeuristic entertainment certainly works up quite the thirst! Back upstairs for more drinks. Along with the traditional Sazerac cocktail. You could order a French 75 or a straight up shot of absinthe. As well as beer, wine and Prosecco. My friends and I gathered around one small cocktail table and chatted while the band took a short break. The Drunken Devil himself came over to say hello and flirt with the women at our table. This is a different actor…uh…devil then the previous Drunken Devil party I attended. You can read more about that experience here. Although this guy was good he wasn’t as devilishly jubilant as the previous performer. The other guy had a big hearty laugh. This one was softer and quieter, as he whispered naughty things in your ear.

Someone announced the band was starting up again and we headed down the stairs to enjoy more sensual burlesque. Once again the ladies gave us their best. One of my favorite moments was when the dancer kicked her leg up towards her head, caught it mid air, and licked her own calf. Damn! Hot and impressive. Another did a fan dance where she used it to cool down her lady parts as she strutted on stage. I almost wished I had taken more pics and videos but I was just so enthralled with the live acts. Guess you will just have to come see them for yourself.

More drinks? Yes Please!

We climbed the stairs one last time to enjoy the open bar and conversation. The people watching was awesome. It was a small crowd, but a dedicated one. It appeared to me that many of these people attend multiple Drunken Devil events throughout the year. And why not? How often do you and your friends get to wear sequins, drink absinthe and watch burlesque? Not often enough, if you ask me.

Join up on the Drunken Devil mailing list to make sure you get invited to their next soiree. I know they host “Deviled Eggs,” a burlesque Sunday brunch. As well as their infamous Halloween party. If you are really into their brand of entertainment, they offer a membership that gets you in to their events all year long. Hope to see you sexy devils soon!

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