Cocktails for a Cause

Greenbar Distillery is helping feed LA’s homeless one Gin Cocktail at a time.

LA’s original distillery is no stranger to giving back. To date they’ve planted 672,308 trees  since 2008! That’s one tree for each purchased bottle of Greenbar Distillery’s organic spirits. They’re also committed to sustainability and promoting a carbon negative footprint. You can learn all about their environmental efforts here. 

So it came as no surprise to me, when Greenbar announced it was teaming up with The Burrito Project to help feed the homeless here in Los Angeles. Recent reports estimate the homeless population in Los Angeles as of 2017, was around 55,000 people. That’s a shocking number to many. And most of those individuals go without food for days. Greenbar Distillery and The Burrito project are allowing all of us to get involved and help out the neediest in our city.  Simply visit one of the participating bars/restaurants around town and order their specialty cocktail featuring CITY bright gin. For each cocktail you order, Greenbar will donate one delicious burrito to someone in need. They have a lofty goal of 10,000 burritos. Which means, we have some (responsible) drinking to do!


I love gin.

I love a crisp gin martini, or sweet/sour retro bees-knees. But my fondest memories of gin are the summers I spent in East Hampton with my family drinking Gin & Tonics. One of my sisters made up a celebratory song to commemorate our favorite tradition. The lyrics are simple, and basically tell you that “the world will be so fine, at gin & tonic time.” Amen.

Now, not everyone I’ve met is a fan of gin. But I urge everyone to try CITY bright gin. It will be the gin, to finally make you a fan of gin. It’s not too floral, or acidic. It’s flavor combines juniper berries, ancho chilies, California bay leaves, citrus and peppercorns. It’s brightness lives up to it’s name and the taste is reminiscent of our city itself. Their website description invites you to “Taste the flavors of Los Angeles. From the aromatic herbs of East and South Asia to the floral & earthy flavors of Mexico and the Middle East.”

Last Friday night I was headed to an Awolnation/Nothing But Thieves concert at the Wiltern. A pre-show cocktail and snack was a must. So I went to the Greenbar website to check out the list of participating bars/restaurants to find something fun for my friends and I. I chose Mohawk Bend in Echo Park for their fresh locally sourced food & drinks. We were seated quickly and handed a drink menu. On the front page I found the Santo Verte. Their City Bright Gin cocktail featuring lime, honey, lavender bitters and an Absinthe Verte rinse. It was delicious. Lavender can be perfume-y when over used. But the bartender had a light touch and it complemented the City Bright Gin perfectly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mohawk Bend has a killer Happy Hour Menu. I highly recommend the house made chips with Sriracha aioli. We also ordered a couple of their pizzas. The fennel sausage and white mushroom with vegan cheese. Okay, here me out for a minute. I’m a carnivore, but I can totally appreciate how far vegan & vegetarian products have come in terms of taste and texture. Plus when you have a mixed group of friends, it’s cool that Mohawk Bend offers the same items in both vegan and non-vegan varieties. The vegan cheese wasn’t as stretchy as the aged mozzarella on the fennel sausage pizza. But, it had great flavor and a texture similar to cream cheese. Another round of Santo Verte’s then we were off to the show.


There are twenty one participating bars and restaurants scattered across southern California. From Santa Monica to downtown. Irvine to WeHo. Pasadena to Culver city. Even a location in San Diego. There is bound to be one in your neighborhood. So get out there and drink some gin! You can check out the full list of participating locations here.

Not really a drinker, but still want to get involved? You can help make and distribute burritos! The burritos will be made by The Burrito Project and distributed throughout 2018. They meet on the third Thursday of the month. Check out their website to find a location near you.

But Wait There’s More…

As if all this drinking and charity wasn’t enough to get you excited. Greenbar is adding in one more fabulous perk. Take part in their CITY Bright Gin photo contest for a chance to win the ultimate LA Staycation! First prize is an Ultimate Sleepover. Spend two nights in Downtown Los Angeles and enjoy what they believe are the best food, drink and entertainment options the City of Angels has to offer. Second prize is a private cocktail class in LA for you and ten friends. You get to decide what type of cocktail you want to make, and they’ll teach you the advanced version of your favorite drinks. This hands-on class will definitely be a fun night out for you and your squad. Greenbar Distillery offers tours and cocktail classes all year long. Check out my post where I toured the Distillery last year.

Here’s how to enter the CITY BRIGHT GIN photo contest.

  1. Visit a participating bar/restaurant and take a photo of your favorite CITY Bright Gin cocktail – Made in LA.
  2. Post your best CITY Bright Gin cocktail photo. Follow @GreenbarDistillery and tag your photo #drinkcitygin
  3. Share your contest entry with friends & followers to gain votes!

This has to be one of the coolest campaigns I’ve ever seen. Bartenders get to create unique craft cocktails featuring CITY Bright Gin. We get to drink cocktails while helping feed the homeless, and get a chance to win an incredible prize package. It’s a win-win..uh, win!

Good luck everyone! Follow me @RockMeRe to keep up with my #DrinkCityGin adventures.

Cheers! Drink CITY Bright Gin. Everybody wins.


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