LACP’s 5th Annual Members’ Exhibition!

The Los Angeles Center of Photography is a community of photographers dedicated to strengthing photography as an art form.

Lucky for me my bestie MissFit Photo is a member. Last night she invited me to be her date to LACPs opening reception of Exposure Weekend 2018.

I entered the LACP gallery on Wilcox in Hollywood Thursday evening. There are three gallery rooms with images lining both walls. This is my second visit to LACP. What I loved about my first visit, was the vast variety of images on display. On this visit, I was happy to see just as much (if not more) diversity.

No opening reception would be complete without a beverage to cheers with, so I headed to the back of the first room for a quick trip to the bar. With glass of wine in hand I started to peruse the artists on display. Immediately I was drawn to a black and white print by Thouly Dosios. “Boys in Boyle Heights” and it’s Dia de los Muertos themed face paint. In fact two of my favorite black and white images of the entire show were presented side-by-side. The second, “Execution Style,” by Brain Van de Wetering. Depicting a jack-in-the-box having a pop gun pulled on him. I love the playful violence and I have coulrophobia. So anytime a clown is taken out, I’m in!

I continued through the gallery looking at row after row of images. Noticing a few themes on display. Hover over the images for credits.

These are a group of architectural images I enjoyed.

Also a series of portraits.

And a few with distinct LA flavor.

All the photography on view today was selected by Catherine Couturier, owner/director of the Catherine Couturier Gallery in Houston, TX. Read more about Catherine here.

“Members entered for this year’s exhibition, representing a total of roughly 1,200 images. Catherine selected 41 images (from 38 photographers) for the exhibition at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, showing July 19 – September 7, 2018. In addition, another 40 images (from 32 photographers) were selected for a virtual online gallery display on LACP’s website.” —

After everyone was given ample time to peruse the works, an announcement was made that it was time to hand out awards. First prize is a solo gallery show. Second prize is a $500 gift card to the Los Angeles Center of Photography. Catherine shared with all of us, how she made her final decision. When thinking of the first prize winner, she didn’t look only at the image that was submitted for display. But took into account, the full body of work. Who had the breathe of work for a full ten image show? Whose pieces were strong enough to hold their own. For the second prize winner, she went on the power of one striking image. Which single image captured her the most?

Second prize winner is… “Modern Myths: Dead Pool” by Bootsy Holler.

LACP ExposureWeekend12
Bootsy Holler, Modern Myths: Dead Pool

First prize winner is… “Eucalyptus Inspiration” by Nathalie Seaver.

LACP ExposureWeekend13
Nathalie Seaver, Eucalyptus Inspiration

Nathalie came up to accept her award and was genuinely and adorably taken aback. She was surprised and smiling. Nathalie explained to us that she had this idea of dots as pixels. I have to admit, I follow LACP on Instagram (You should too!) and I’d been staring at her image all day. It was only when I saw it up close, that I realized it was not only a photograph, but mixed media. It gave me one of my favorite feelings when I look at art. Every time I look at the piece I see something more. I will definitely be following LACP for word on her solo exhibition.

To see the full list of selected exhibiting artists at LACP. Click here.
For the selected virtual galley artists. Click here. 


Thursday’s opening reception was only the beginning of Exposure Weekend. Those participating had a full weekend of portfolio reviews. Reviews are 20 minute face-to-face meetings with gallery owners, photo editors, museum curators, publishers and other photo professionals. Along with a public portfolio walk and networking events, Exposure Weekend is an exciting opportunity for artists to have their work reviewed, critiqued and pushed forward down new creative paths.

To learn more about The Los Angeles Center of Photography, or become a member. Visit:

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