#LoveOurCITY Greenbar Distillery partners with The Burrito Project to feed California’s hungry.

Greenbar Distillery shows just how much it cares about (and loves) our city by partnering with The Burrito Project to help feed those in need, one cocktail & one burrito at a time.

Back in March Greenbar Distillery partnered with the Burrito Project to help feed LA’s homeless. You can read about it in my “Cocktails for a Cause” blog post. So when I heard Greenbar was heading up another charitable partnership for the month of September, it wasn’t a question as to if I would participate. The only question was which local venue would I choose to visit?

The idea is a simple one. Order a City Bright Gin cocktail from a participating bar or restaurant during the month of September, and Greenbar will donate a nutritious, freshly made burrito to someone in need. That’s it.

One cocktail = one burrito.

But the effort this time around has been greatly expanded. Greenbar is collaborating with bars and restaurants all throughout the state. From Los Angeles, to Orange County, and San Diego. From San Francisco to Oakland and Sacramento. The burrito project will make, wrap and hand-out the burritos in the cities where the cocktails were purchased. They have a lofty, but totally achievable goal of handing out 50,000 burritos this fall & winter. So they need our help!

I live fairly close to Old Town Pasadena, which has no shortage of incredible restaurants, bars and shops. I enjoy spending an afternoon or evening walking the bustling streets, stopping along the way sampling different bites and sips from a variety of fun establishments. Thankfully Pasadena has multiple parking structures with 90 minutes of free parking. Out of habit, I usually park at the same structure over on Green St at Fair Oaks Ave. It’s super convenient to lots of my favorite places on Colorado Blvd. I always exit on the same side, through the alley way strolling right passed Kings Row Gastropub. A brick building with an outdoor patio, and fun signage promoting cocktails, beers and bites. A great place to gather with friends. Why on earth haven’t I stopped and stayed? As soon as I saw Kings Row as a participating Greenbar venue. I knew this would change.


It was (finally) a cool evening. Almost fall like. Perfect for sitting outside and sipping a cocktail after a busy work day. I entered Kings Row pub through the Edison bulb lit patio. This is a casual place. Grab a seat indoors or on the patio and when you’re ready, order at the bar. They have a large chalkboard list of beers and specialty cocktails, but I knew what I wanted. On prominent display, directly behind the cashier, was a sign promoting their City Bright Gin creation and it’s connection to the burrito project.


Hello Ginerocity!


We are living in an age of craft cocktails and mixologist bartenders. Greenbar Distillery understands this. Instead of pushing the same signature cocktail at bars and restaurants, they give each location freedom to create something special. Kings Row produced a frosty beverage as tarte in flavor as pink in color. Ginerocity combines City Bright Gin with Aperol, lemon juice and Hibiscus. Slightly sour in the best way. I actually enjoyed it more as it melted a bit. Which allowed me to linger and listen to the live music.


Kings Row also offers an array of food. From traditional bar fare, to more health conscious options. I can tell you the Cobb salad was delicious with honey bacon and pickled corn, smokehaus bleu cheese along with a whole hard-boiled egg and an entire avocado.  Yum!


Now it’s your turn. There are still two full weekends in September for you to go out, enjoy a cocktail with friends and help feed your city. Thirsty Thursday anyone? Maybe a Friday happy hour to commemorate surviving another work week. Or find a late night Saturday spot for after dinner drinks, then head to brunch on Sunday Funday. However you choose to imbibe.

Here’s what you need to know: 

Step one: Find a participating bar or restaurant in your area here.

Step two: Gather some friends. More cocktails, more burritos, less hungry people in CA.

Step three: Show our community you care! Post pics of your tasty City Bright Gin cocktail on Instagram and tag them #LoveOurCITY. Spread the love and invite others to do the same.

Want to get even more involved? You can help the Burrito Project make and distribute burritos from October through December in your local community.
For more info visit http://theburritoproject.org/sponsors-partners/greenbar-distillery


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