Monsterpalooza 2019

Halloween is almost 200 days away.
But the spooky season was in full swing this weekend in Pasadena.

I recently heard about Monsterpalooza from a make-up artist while on set shooting a commercial. I’ve been to Mid-Summer Scream and Scare LA but somehow this horror festival escaped me over the years. The event runs Friday through Sunday at the Pasadena Convention Center.

A couple of my horror inclined friends, whom I lovingly refer to as my ghoul gang decided to join me at Monsterpalooza. Spooky attire is encouraged. We all recently finished bingeing the second season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, so a weird sister cosplay was in order.

Agatha, Sabrina, Prudence and Dorcas with our Dark Lord.

We arrived on Sunday. I found some cheap $6 parking at a lot on Green Street a few blocks from the venue. One of my friends arrived a bit earlier and said the line to enter was already wrapped around the block. Luckily it moved quickly and we got our wristbands and entered shortly after the floor opened.

Wow! There is so much to see.

Along the first corridor were tables set-up for autograph signings. At a certain time of day, you could line up and pay to have photos taken with your favorite horror celebrities. At the end of the corridor you turn right to enter the exhibit hall, to the left, was the theater for Q&A panels.

We entered the exhibit hall which was packed with various vendors. Some displaying incredible works of art, others selling horror themed merchandise. Everywhere you turned there was something at which to gawk and stare.

The people here may look scary to you, but these are my people. Everyone was so friendly. We received many compliments on our Sabrina and Weird Sister cosplay. One vendor even stopped to talk with us about a comic book called Afterlife with Archie which depicts a zombie apocalypse taking place in Riverdale in an alternate reality. 100% my kind of reading.

When we saw a sign at the Art of Cult booth offering to draw you like a zombie for $10 we signed up! They snap your pic and then you pick up your drawing later in the day. A personalized zombie Sabrina drawing? Oh yeah!

There were many live makeup demonstrations going on. I saw some fantasy, some horror and one very intricate steam-punk head piece.
I even caught a glimpse of Ve Neil taking photos with fans! It was cool to see the artists work at the beginning of the day then wander around a bit and come back later to check on the progress. Kudos to the models for standing around all day for our enjoyment.

Time for the first panel.

Memory the Origins of Alien, is an upcoming documentary about the origin story behind the Ridley Scott classic. First I can’t believe it’s the 40th anniversary of Alien! Second, I learned a lot in this panel that even I, as a hardcore fan didn’t know going in. We watched a few clips from the film and had a Q&A with director, Alexander O. Phillipe. No word yet on a release date but we should have that information soon.

Back to the main floor.

We started on the opposite end of the exhibit hall trying our best to go up and down each aisle, making sure we didn’t miss anything. Knowing we inevitably would. I purchased a drink at the bar in the back and kept pursuing the wares. I fell in love with some gorgeous figurative sculpture by Dug Stanat. These mixed media creations were done freehand without casting. Unbelievable. I wish I had an extra $1800 lying around because that floating man would be coming home with me. Check out more of his work here.

Another more playful sculpture artist I fell in love with is Jennifer Sutherland. She uses real eggs. Ostrich, Emu, Chicken, Robin. All different types of eggs and creates “yolk mouths.” Each egg has it’s own unique personality, glossy tongue and painstakingly detailed teeth. There is a dark whimsy about them, that just makes me smile. Find her on Instagram.

Sutherland’s Underland

Time to pick up our drawings!

The zombie Sabrina by Art of Cult turned out even better than I expected. The artist Victor was even nice enough to take a break from his busy sketching schedule to snap a pic with us. I love the little details like the stitches in my neck and how he captured my smirk perfectly.

Off to the Museum

Inside Monsterpalooza is a museum highlighting some amazing art work, sculptures and large scale installations. There was a running joke between me and my friend Traycee who cosplayed as Prudence, that we would take a picture with every Satan we saw. This one from the Evermore Park installation was HUGE!

Praise Satan for Evermore Park.

Check out a few more of my museum favorites below.

The last panel on my agenda was with the one and only Bruce Campbell. I follow Groovy Bruce on Twitter so I know he’s hilarious. He did not disappoint. Bruce did an hour long stand-up routine while answering audience questions and picking on parents who brought their children along. “Why are you here?” He kept asking. And no, he did not censor himself. This was very much an adult themed panel. I love all the Evil Dead movies, and I love the Ash vs Evil Dead tv show. So just like millions of other fans, I was sad when he announced that he was walking away from the iconic role. Listen to his witty response when an audience member asked him about his decision. *Warning* Explicit Language. NSFW

My first Monsterpalooza was a blast. I totally understand why people attend multiple days. There was just so many things to see. I accidentally missed an entire room of vendors. Hopefully they will be back next year. I know I will.

Silcone Demon Spawn by Immortal Masks.

Follow more of my spooktacular adventures on Twitter and Instagram @rockme_re.

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