Great Horror Movie Night

Los Angeles has no shortage of outdoor cinema options. The Great Horror Movie Night offers up something a little different than the rest. The Old Griffith Park Zoo is delightfully creepy all on its own. Seriously. The long abandoned animal cages, and plaster cave ruins look like something out of a childhood nightmare. Which made... Continue Reading →

Tis the season to be scary…

Halloween is my favorite holiday. In fact you could say (I say) I'm Halloween Obsessed. I spend the month of October watching 31 days of horror movies, my Halloween decoration boxes out number my Christmas boxes 3 to 1 and I even had a Halloween themed Costume Ball for my wedding. So my obsession is... Continue Reading →

Obscura Day 2015

Rarely do we make time to be tourists in our town. Los Angeles has no shortage of touristy attractions, but I prefer something off the beaten path. Enter Obscura Day! Atlas Obscura is a user generated site celebrating all the wonderful weird obscure places in the world. Saturday May 30th was Obscura Day. A day dedicated... Continue Reading →

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