Tip Toe through the Tulips with me.

My birthday greeted me with warm sunshine and blue skies. The perfect day to wander through the vast and beautiful┬áDescanso Gardens. It's been years since I last visited Descanso Gardens in La Ca├▒ada. What's interesting about returning to this place is that since it is a museum of living collections, it's constantly changing. The blooms... Continue Reading →

Leap Day – Free Day – Hike Day

Best laid plans and all that... Leap day is a special day that happens only once every four years. A day that doesn't seem to really exist. So, no matter what you choose to do, it's okay. Now I'm not condoning any Purge like experiences. Let's be real. But, it is a free day (as... Continue Reading →

La Tuna Canyon Trail

Memorial Day weekend is known for getting outside and savoring the unofficial start of summer with family and friends. It was an unseasonably overcast and cool three day weekend in Los Angeles. Not the best beach weather, but the perfect weather to grab my dogs and hit the trails. Los Angeles has hundreds of miles... Continue Reading →

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